Red Pandas and Darjeeling tea

The road from Bagdogra airport climbs and weaves through the cold Himalayan air towards Darjeeling.

The altitude catches in your throat and the car continues to rise.  The view is incredible. Mountains and valleys, monkeys grouped on sign posts and smiling north-eastern faces.

We spent just under two weeks visiting Darjeeling and it’s neighbouring Sikkim city, Gangtok.

Before arriving we had heard stories of hospitality, great food, breathtaking scenes and of course tea.  We were not disappointed!

This time around Hannah is going to take the reigns and we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

DSC_1196DSC_1202DSC_1203DSC_1231 2DSC_1235 2DSC_1229 2DSC_1245DSC_1210DSC_1230 2DSC_1289DSC_1233 2DSC_1251 2DSC_1256DSC_1232 2DSC_1363DSC_1337DSC_1388DSC_1328DSC_1375DSC_1394DSC_1346DSC_1433DSC_1428DSC_1417DSC_1281IMG_20160126_112144IMG_20160126_112240DSC_1253DSC_1319IMG_7496DSC_1422DSC_1403DSC_1372




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